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Lightless (Unity)

August 2018 - May 2019

The game emphasizes the duality of light and dark, in which both light and dark are advantageous and disadvantageous to the player as they seek a way out of and discover the mysteries behind the depths of a sinkhole filled with dangerous creatures.

Lightless was showcased on the expo floor of GDC 2019 at the Magic Spell Studios booth. 

pasted image 0.png

Enemy design and implementation

I worked as the AI Programmer on this project and I was primarily in charge of programming and designing enemy types and behaviors using the Entity Component System in Unity.

The enemies are attracted to light and were designed keeping stealth gameplay in mind using state machines and viewcones. 

Runner Chase.gif

Types of enemies

Runner - Heavy but fast


Lunger - Lunges at the player after recoil time. 


Stunner - Is stunned by intense light. 

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