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Engine Aether

Engine Aether is a rendering engine implemented using DirectX 11. The engine features basic rendering effects like odel loading, texturing, normal mapping, skybox along with post processing effects, physically based rendering and GPU particle effects.


Depth of Field

I referred the Skylanders SWAP Force Depth-of-Field Shader <> to implement a good depth of field using the circle of confusion and focus plane.


Physically Based Rendering 

Then I set up point lights and spotlights and got basic Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function up and running.  I then used IBL Baker to generate maps for Image Based Lighting and loaded the scene with models and textures to show off the same.


Particle Effects using Compute Shaders

I set up a basic particle system which dispatched the shaders to generate billboarded particles in the scene. Next I added depth to the particles so they can be rendered in world space.

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